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Find a book you love this Valentine's

Love Your Shelf is a dating app with a twist: instead of people, we match you with books! So get picking and find that ..uhhh.. special someone to snuggle down with. We'll search through tens of thousands of titles to find those that best match your tastes.

We'll start by asking you what kind of characteristics your ideal match has, then there will be a few steps of narrowing down your search by picking themes and summaries that sound enticing. Finally you'll be provided some potential matches.

Finally, this is a tool that's part of a larger book-discovery platform: A Book Like Foo. If you get value from this please consider donating to keep it running.

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Hi! Thanks for using Love Your Shelf. My name is James and I created this website to help people fill their shelves with books they love. Love Your Shelf is part of a larger project called A Book Like Foo, an exhaustive recommendation engine for books.

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