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Love Your Shelf

At home this Valentine's Day?

Love Your Shelf is a dating app with a twist: instead of people, we match you with books! So get picking and find that special someone to snuggle down with.

We’ll offer you the typical fish in the sea, but as you keep on swiping through what books you like or don’t like - the suggestions will become more tailored to your interests so you can find the perfect love match.

We'll start by asking you what kind of characteristics your ideal match has.

I am looking for a new soulmate…

Optional Help us to narrow things down a bit by selecting which types of book you can imagine yourself snuggling up with.

I hope they'll be…

Optional What characters, moods and themes most tickle your senses? Pick up to 3.

They'll take me on journeys of…

Optional Every book is a journey; what are your favourites? Pick up to 3.

They'll show me things like…

What topics keep you interested? Pick up to 3.
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